Troubleshooting a Noisy Garage Door Opener in Desert Shores, NV; Clunking Sound & More

One of the things you can use to recognize that there is a problem with just about anything is your hearing. When you start to hear strange noises coming from anywhere that is not in the ordinary it is often a sign that you need to give your attention to it. One area of the home that you want to keep your ears open to is the garage door. The garage door is a huge moving part and you want to make sure that at the first sign of trouble you have it inspected by a professional. This is to keep your home safe as well as your family. If your garage door happens to malfunction it can end up falling on a car, truck or even a person causing damage and injury. If you start to hear unwanted noises coming from your garage door it is a good idea to know what that might mean.

All American Garage Door Repair Spotlights when Garage Door Makes Banging Noise when Opening & Other Sounds

Garage Door Makes Loud Clunking Noise: If you go to use your garage door and when it starts to open or close it has a loud clunk you need to have the door looked out. The problem that often accompanies a loud clunk is from the springs that are there to create the pull to open and close the door. Your garage door could have two springs which is most common but could also have a single spring. You want to make sure that the springs are checked and if you see them stretched out or they have a break you stop using the door until the springs are replaced.
Garage Door Opener Making Clicking Noise: The garage door is meant to be installed and then to run smoothly and quietly. When there is a problem with the door it will often make some kind of noise. A noise that might go overlooked is a soft clicking sound. There are some reasons that this will come from and one of them is from a rubbing that is occurring from any part that should have a smooth path. It can also be if your springs are rusted and the coils are making sound as they separate and come back together. You want to make sure that even if it is a small noise you have the door inspected.
Garage Door Motor Squeals: If you hear a noise that is quiet you may overlook it but if you have a door that is opening while there is a squealing sound you will take notice. The squealing is something that can be a sign as well as an annoyance to other people in your home as well. The squealing is usually because of maintenance that should have been done. The door has many moving parts and they need to be lubricated so that they can move smoothly. If they start to dry out they will create a squealing sound. The great thing is that you can call out a garage door repair company to lubricate the door and get it back on track.

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