One Single Panel VS Sectional Garage Door in Anthem, NV; Mechanism, Hardware & More

There are two primary types of garage doors; sectional and single panel garage door. The sectional garage doors have separate panels, whereas the single panel garage door is just one large item. Suppliers tend to keep more sectional stores available and sell more, which is why they are more common than single panel doors. Knowing the advantages of each option can help you better decide which garage door type you may want. Bearing this in mind, we at United Garage Door Repair Company would like to share the fundamentals concerning single panel garage doors versus sectional garage doors.

Cost of Single Panel & Sectional Garage Door

Ultimately, homeowners will buy the garage door that is the lesser cost as the determining factor. As mentioned, the suppliers keep the sectional doors more readily available, making the single panel garage doors slightly inflated, however, even with this, they are still often cheaper than sectional doors. For instance, a sectional door and single panel door manufactured with the same materials will show a single panel door typically be less expensive than the sectional door. With fewer parts to manage, the single panel garage door is better for those who unwisely attempts a DIY installation project.

Appearance of Sectional & One Panel Garage Doors

Both types of garage doors can be stunning as they come with many attractive materials and design options. To make the sectional door work, the segment required in the layout. Single panel garage doors have only one section that include many aesthetic options. Many homeowners of older homes will opt for the more historically accurate style of the single panel garage door as well as those living in modern homes to make them look more vintage in style.

Single Panel & Sectional Garage Door Mechanism

Single panel garage doors typically have more features to choose from, although the sectional doors frequently have more modern attributes than single panel doors, despite the more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Single panel garage doors are not equipped with extension brings, offering more safety. However, extension springs require consistent maintenance as they can breakdown, leading to injuries and allowing easy access for intruders. Ideal for small-space circumstances, sectional door has a smaller opening clearance than a single panel door and can tolerate more extreme weather.

Sectional Garage Door Basics

– Requires minimal maintenance
– Remarkable durability
– A lager retail selection
– Requires small space

Single Panel Garage Doors

– Enhance the originality and curb appeal of older homes
– “DIY” installation is safer and simpler
– Typically, less expensive

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