DIY VS Professional Garage Door Repairs in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Safety, Insurance & More

Being a DIY handyman is a remarkable skill to have in this day and age. Having the expertise and the ability to fix things as they break instead of having to wait for, then pay a repair man to do it is an invaluable trade. There are things to consider when deciding whether you should tackle a specific task or not. There are some home repairs that are not simple DIY fixes and are better left to a professional. Each year, thousands of people are injured by garage doors. Garage doors are very heavy and can cause a lot of damage if you aren’t experienced with how they work. All American Garage Door Repair wants you to be safe, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why it’s probably best to leave garage door repairs to the professionals.

Garage Door Safety

Your garage door is the heaviest and largest moving component in your home. The are strategically installed and counter balanced to counter the weight of the door. Garage doors can fall due to broken springs or failed lifting cables and these doors can weigh upwards of 350 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to have fall on you if something were to go wrong. We are specifically trained to identify if danger is present and know the ins and outs of how garage doors work. Coupled with years of experience, we can save you from the dangers associated with these types of repairs. If you don’t have much experience working on and repairing these doors, it’s best to just leave it to the pros.

Save Yourself Money & Time by Hiring a Professional Garage Door Company

Garage door manufacturer’s typically give warranties on their doors. Unfortunately, if a DIY repair wasn’t done the way it was supposed to be, you can void that warranty altogether. Trying to save a couple of bucks could end up costing you in the end. This is not a skill that is learned overnight, garage door techs go through extensive training in safety practices, installation and repair to obtain the knowledge they have. They know how to identify and fix the problem at hand to ensure your family’s safety and a functional, operating garage door that will last you for the years to come. These repairs are something we can complete in half the time it takes the average rookie to complete on their own, saving you valuable and precious time as well.

Quality Garage Door Repairs by a Licensed & Insured Company

Legit and reputable garage door companies carry insurance that not only protect the repairmen against personal injury, but also against any damage to your property. If you are working on your own garage door and something goes wrong, not only are you risking injury, but now you’ve got an even bigger bill to pay because now the door needs extra repairs that it didn’t need before. When you hire a professional garage door repair company, you can also ensure the repairs are done right. If something goes wrong with the door after a repair, you can rest assured knowing it’s not your fault or responsibility to fix it. The company you hire will have to come back and make the necessary repairs to get your garage door safely up and moving again.

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There is no compromise when it comes to experience. As with any trade, experience can make or break the quality of work being done. Your home is a major investment, this we understand just as much as you do. Ensuring things stay in good working order and repairs are done correctly can keep you safe and on the go for years to come. It’s a no brainer when deciding whether you should fix that broken spring or not, trust the pros to get the job done right the first time and have some piece of mind. All American Garage Door Repair can meet your all of your garage door needs. Contact us today!

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