Tips for Choosing Garage Door Paint Colors for Your Brick or Other Inspirada, NV House

When people pull up to your house most of the time your garage door is one of the focal points of the front of your home. Your garage door color is making a statement about your house. Is it making the statement you want it to be making? It can be hard to know what color your garage door should be. All American Garage Door Repair has put together some considerations for you to think about as you select your garage door color.

Garage Door to Blend or Stand Out?

First you want to decide if you want your garage door to blend with the front of your home or stand out. Some people just want their garage door to be there and not draw any attention while others want their garage door to help add to the statement that their house makes from the road. Some people have amazing architectural features that they want to highlight. If this is the case you will want your garage door to blend in. Some people prefer to draw attention to their shutters or trim of the home instead of the garage. Selecting a color that will blend in with your home will make your home look bigger. Another factor you want to think about is what color the rest of your home is. Your garage door color needs to match or complement the color scheme of your home. You have probably seen a few garage doors in your life that stuck out like a sore thumb and didn’t match the house on any level. When you look at a color wheel think of these four different terms.
Complementary: Complementary colors are directly opposite one another on a color wheel. Selecting complementary colors make a bold statement.
Analogous: Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel. Blue and violet are right next to each other on the color wheel. The difference between blue and violet is small so the result is nice and subtle.
Monochromatic: Monochromatic colors are different shades of the same hue. There is not much contrast in monochromatic colors.
Neutrals: Neutral colors are gray, white, black, and brown. If your home is neutral you have the luxury of painting your garage door just about any color you want.
One of the most popular color choices for garage doors is white. Designers say that white garage doors balance out almost all home designs. White gives your house a nice crisp feel that is appealing to the eye.

What Color to Paint Garage Door on Brick or Other House

You will want to consider what kind of material your home and garage door are. A brick home is going to have different things to think about than a stucco home. A white or almost white home will bring other options to consider. Make sure that you truly consider what would be best for your home.

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Many people will spend some time driving around to different neighborhoods when they are debating what color to paint their garage door. Looking at what other homeowners have done can help you decide what you like best as you make your decision. As you debate what color to paint your home you may decide that it is best to replace your garage door completely. Give All American Garage Door Repair a call today. We can come out and help you get your new garage door installed!

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