Garage Door Safety Requirements in Mountain’s Edge, NV for Springs, Cables & More

Your garage door should be checked regularly to make sure it’s working properly because a properly working garage door is also a safe garage door. You probably use your garage door more often than your use your front door, so making sure it’s working properly is a good idea.

Safety Checklist for Garage Door Systems

1. Replace old and worn garage door springs. The springs are probably the most important and dangerous part of your garage door. These springs wear out and can break, resulting in injury. Have a professional check the springs on your garage door if its an older one and have springs replaced if necessary. If your garage door has two springs and only one is broken, you will have to replace both to prevent damage to the unbroken spring and keep your door working properly.
2. Lubricate squeaky garage door springs. Springs can also be squeaky and noisy. It’s normal to some extent and doesn’t mean there’s necessarily anything wrong. Use a lubricant made for garage doors to see if it fixes the problems. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to call in the professionals.
3. Check the garage door cables. The cables that are attached to the spring system also need to be inspected. These cables must not be worn or frayed and are in danger of breaking and causing injury if they are. These cables are under extreme tension and must be replaced by trained professionals.
4. Have a safety cable installed. If your garage door has extension springs, you’ll have a safety cable that runs through the spring and secures it to the wall of the ceiling at each end. These springs are under high tension when the garage door is down. If it breaks it can cause injury. The safety cable can keep the broken spring contained. If your door doesn’t have a safety cable, call to have one installed.
5. Call a professional garage door repairman if door isn’t operating smoothly. Your garage door may not be safe if it does not go up and down smoothly. A garage door should function smoothly regardless of its age. The spring system may be out of balance and will need to be fixed by professionals. Otherwise, the other components may wear prematurely.
6. Have garage door brackets adjusted. The bottom brackets on your garage door are connected to the door’s springs and are under extreme tension. These brackets need to be adjusted by professionals because many of these brackets have tamper resistant hardware to prevent amateurs from adjusting them.
7. Replace garage door track at same time as door. Homeowners may want to save money by using the old track when they buy a replacement door. But your old track may not fit with your new door, depending on the thickness of the sections, the weight of the door, the headroom needed and the location of the garage door opener. For maximum performance and a long-lasting door, you should replace the track and the door at the same time.

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It’s recommended that you have your garage door inspected with professional technicians each year to keep it operating safely and smoothly for years to come. Contact All American Garage Door Repair today!

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