Signs Garage Door is Due for Maintenance in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Motor Squeals or Rattles & More

It is recommended by manufacturers and industry leaders that you have your garage properly maintained by a licensed professional a few times a year. Between tune-ups, inspections, and other maintenance services in addition to you care and efforts, your garage door will be reliable, efficiently performing, and last to its projected lifespan and possibly longer. Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and inconvenient trouble ahead. Where we are not always actively setting the calendar to ensure maintenance is done every 6-12 months, there are some signs that indicate maintenance is needed for your garage door, ignoring the signs will eventually call for repairs. Bearing this in mind, we at All American Garage Door Repair would like to take the opportunity to share a few of the red flags that suggest you need maintenance services for your garage door.

Garage Door Motor Squeals or Rattles Loudly

Where advanced technology has managed to minimize the sound of the garage door operating systems, noise is to be expected while it is functioning. However, when the noise is excessive loud you feel you are disturbing the neighbors, or making other abnormal sounds, there is a problem brewing. In some cases, cleaning the rails and rollers and applying lube in the proper places is the maintenance solution. Although, loud noises can also point to damaged components or a misalignment in the hardware and will require repairs.

Garage Door Gaps on Sides or Bottom Near Floor

It’s a problem when your garage door is letting in weather, pests, or filth inside the garage. The rubber seal found on the bottom of the garage door is weather stripping. This rubber addition plays a few roles as it helps cushion the door as it closes, as well as keeps the weather, dirt and debris, and pests from getting inside a closed garage. Eventually, the weather stripping becomes worn, dried out, cracked, split, and other signs of decay which compromises the weather stripping’s ability to protect the garage door from the unwanted infiltration. During a maintenance service, such as a tune-up the technician assesses the quality of the weather stripping and will replace it if it is no longer up to the task.

Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Smoothly

When the garage door is not opening and closing smoothly and efficiently, it can potentially be a safety hazard. There are quite a few culprits that might cause poor performance including damaged tracks, springs, or cables to electrical issues. In many cases, the remedy is a garage door tune-up service, however, repairs may also be the solution depending on the severity of the issue and the specific circumstances.

Overdue for Garage Door Maintenance

Has it been more than 12 months since the last maintenance service. As mentioned, tune-up should be done annually, and inspection services along with other maintenance services done throughout the year keeps your garage door up to par. If you know its been longer than a year, be sure to schedule a garage door maintenance service.

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