Residential Garage Door Safety Requirements in Silverado Ranch, NV; Auto Reverse & More

The typical double wide garage door will weigh in excess of 400 pounds. The failure of the garage door opener can lead to dire damage to your car or threaten the life and limb of a family member. The following safety features are inherent with all modern door installations.

Garage Door Auto Reverse

During the 1980’s and early 1990’s 54 children lost their lives due door not reversing or stopping on closure when met with resistance. Hundreds ended up in emergency rooms across the nation with serious injuries and thousands of pets where hurt or killed. Since 1992 it has been required under federal law to have some sort of ‘entrapment protection’. Hence the incorporation of the auto reverse feature found on current doors.
Your door is equipped with sensors that detect whether there is an obstruction its closure path. It detects the obstacle and stops closure and reversing back to open position. You can test this by placing a 2 x 4 under the door. On contact with the wood the door should open. If it doesn’t stop and reverse back to open something is not right. Best to call a pro to have it calibrated.

Garage Door Opener Motion Sensor

Detecting motion in the path of the closing door provide a couple of safety options. When a vehicle or person or pet crosses the path of the motion detector’s sensors that are incorporated into the doors frame, the garage light in the opener are turned on for four or five minutes. Most motion detection is via an infrared beam that crosses the door frames directed across the opening to a reflector that bounces the beam back to the sensor. The stops the door from operating and can be knocked out of alignment.

Garage Door Manual Release Reconnect

Automatic openers come equipped with provisions for manual operation. Why? This allows operation during power outages. This allows manual opening and closing of the door. As soon as power is restored the automatic features are restored for motorized control.

Garage Door Remotes

Remote controls allow you to control your door from the car without needing exit and re-enter your car. Safety or convenience? There is a convenience factor, but there exists a safety factor as well. For the person, particularly women who work late and return home after dark, the remote offers safety in that they need not exit their vehicle until secured inside of a closed garage. Many of the modern installations are online allowing remote operation and avoiding another electronic box, can be manipulated remotely via your smartphone. Door operation can be via a keypad for outside control or a manual button inside. Transmission codes can be changed as well. This allow opening door for activities in the garage without having to enter your car for your remote.

Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors are mechanical, and all mechanical devices wear out with use. Along with door maintenance you need to give you automatic door opener an annual checkup as well. Lack of attention can nullify many of the door’s opener’s safety features. This can in turn lead to accidents and damage to the door. Coupled with potentially costly repairs and shorter life span of you the door and opener. Annual maintenance therefor insures that all the safety features are operating as intended.

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Many of the adjustments should be done by a professional on an annual basis. Contact the pros at All American Garage Door Repair.

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