Pros to Professional Garage Door Installation in North Las Vegas, NV; Warranty, Experience & More

Did you get a new garage door for Christmas? Whether you purchased your garage door yourself or it was given to you as a gift you probably cannot wait to get it set up. The problem is that many people are simply overwhelmed at the thought of doing it on their own. Garage door installation is a tricky job. There are many reasons that hiring a professional to come and take care of the installation is beneficial.

Garage Door Warranty

One of the most important reasons that you will want to hire a professional installation service for your garage door is that it will come with a warranty. The company that installs your door will offer a warranty on their service. At All American Garage Door Repair if there is anything wrong after the garage door is installed we will come out and fix it right away. In addition to the warranty from the installation company you will also have the warranty from the company that made the garage door. If you look carefully at the warranty information for your garage door you may be surprised to find that if you do not hire a professional to install it that your warranty will be voided. It would sure stink to void your warranty!

Installing a Garage Door Takes Time

Another advantage to hiring a professional to install your garage door is that it will save you tons of time. If you have ever tried to install a garage door or garage door opener before you know that the project is no small undertaking. When you choose to do it yourself the project can take an extremely large amount of time. The reason that it takes a professional installer less time is because they have more experience than you do. Our technicians do this each and every week. They are comfortable with the process and can accomplish the task without the frustration that you will most likely experience by doing it yourself.

Experience Installing a Garage Door

When you have a professional install your garage door or garage door opener their experience will make the entire process safer. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous if not handled or installed correctly. Professionals know how to handle the parts and tools so that they will not get hurt. Thousands of people visit the emergency room each with injuries caused by a garage door. You do not want to be one of them! There are many moving pieces to garage doors and garage door openers. Knowing how to correctly align the photo eye, wire it correctly, secure it properly, and get the springs and cables safely installed can be stressful. Our professionals have tons of experience doing this and can get your garage door correctly installed.

Professional Garage Door Companies Have Specialized Tools

Hiring a professional will also cut down the hassle and cost of having to purchase the correct tools to complete the job. Nothing is more annoying that getting halfway through a project and realizing that you do not have the right tools to complete the next step.

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If you have decided that hiring a professional to install your garage door is the best choice for you give All American Garage Door Repair a call today! We can come out and get your garage door or garage door opener installed in no time.

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